How do you do? My name is Meg.

Why blog?
I’ve been reading and obsessing over sewing blogs for two years now and have finally decided to join in. I’m blogging for two reasons. First, I’ve been sewing more than I have in the past few years and want to make sure I have record of what I did. I could just do this on Pattern Review, but the information I want to record doesn’t necessarily fit into its nice neat categories and descriptions. I’d like to be able to go off on a tangent if I like.
Second, I’ll admit that I am a lurker. I very rarely post comments. Somehow I feel that I don’t have the right to comment if I don’t have my own blog. I want to become part of the community of sewing bloggers but in order to do so I feel like i must pull my own weight, and post those photos and write about them.
I’m not a writer. In my role as a project manager at work, my primary method of communication is email with bullet points so it’s easy for me to slide into my ‘just the facts ma’am’ manner. It will take some time to find my ‘blogger’ voice, to feel comfortable writing about, and especially photographing, my makes.

Why do I sew?
I was annoyed with RTW pants with saggy butts, and jackets with too much bust. When I sew I am always on the quest for the perfect fit.
Although I am an architect, I don’t get to design buildings anymore so I need an outlet for my creativity. The process of creating a garment is much like the process of creating a building except I get to be my own client! That topic is one I’ve thought about a lot and deserves a post all its own.

What do I sew?
Mostly clothes for work which includes pants, jackets and coats, and skirts. In the past I have shied away from knits, but need to get over that hurdle. I love BurdaStyle and Marfy.

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