Burda 8019, aka The Elmo Coat

This is my first coat, Burda 8019, and also one of my favorites.  Early in my sewing journey I purchased this red wool mohair thinking I would make a suit out of it!  Luckily,  I didn’t get to this fabric for a few years and by then realized that it was way too thick for a suit and that a coat would be more appropriate.

Burda 8019Line Drawing

It has raglan sleeves which I prefer for an overcoat, a simple raised collar, princess seams, a dropped waist with a belt, pockets at the waist, and tabs at the sleeves.

It’s lined with satin, and has silk dupioni facings in a red/yellow cross dye.   This is also my first attempt at piping which I used to highlight the seaming.   It’s done in the same dupioni as the facing.  It’s interlined with cotton flannel for warmth and has covered buttons at the belt and sleeve tabs, two more firsts!


Lessons learned:

1. Always plan your closures before you start to sew.  If I had, I could have made bound buttonholes.

2. Be consistent with the color of cording used inside the piping.  I ran out of white and switched to something dark, and if you look close you can see the difference.

Wow!  I had no idea this was such an adventurous make! [ I posted this on Pattern Review in 2009 and the coat is now starting to show signs of wear.  The dupioni is starting to get thin in places.]


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