Planning my Makes

I have sewing goals. Really I do, but I tend to queue up more garments than I can make in a season. The projects I don’t get to are relegated to the next year and by then I have lost interest. Wandering is fine, but I like to have a framework to guide me.

My rules:
1. Sew all of my pants, skirts, coats, jackets, blouses, tops, and lounge wear.

2. I will not be sewing undergarments or bathing suits. There are many lovely projects out there but I have limited sewing time so I must focus on items that I can see and that get plenty of wear. Some things just aren’t worth the return on my sewing time.

3. A trip to the Salvation Army once or twice a year is acceptable for casual summer tees, or jackets that I can refashion. I may also purchase garments there that I can harvest for its fabric if I see some awesomeness. I will not be harvesting leather from any sofas Peter.

I need to do several things to help me identify what to sew:

First,  go through my wardrobe and identified missing pieces to fill gaps. In the past I have been known to put the contents of my closet into a spreadsheet with the skirts and pants running down the side and the jackets and sweaters running across the top. I then put an ‘X’ in the cells where tops coordinate with bottoms. This way I can see what needs a coordinating piece. I only have a couple of dresses but I suppose I would put those in with the bottoms. My LH gives me a hard time about this but I find It really helps me understand what’s going on in the closet. Hmmm….if I could add another dimension, yes a three-dimensional spreadsheet, I could identify blouses and tops to go under the jackets and sweaters! Let me get back to you on that idea.

Next is to follow Nancy Nix Rice’s recommendations for a 12 piece wardrobe.   It includes four pieces in a core neutrals, secondary neutrals, two accent colors, and coordinating prints.  I need to be more serious about actually planning out this wardrobe and sewing the pieces that I don’t have.

Sew things in colors that look best on me. I won’t be sewing anymore black.  Over the past year or two I have tried limiting my purchases to camel and brown with teal, turquoise, periwinkle, and red for accents. I’d also like to include some navy and grey.

I’m thinking that if I make my plan public I am more likely to stick to it. Maybe I’ll start this weekend.

Do you have a sewing plan?

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