Kwik Sew 2905 – Kids’ Pajamas

I saw on PatternReview that Kwik Sew is going out of business. So sad. I have a series of their patterns that I have used again and again so I thought I would post this one in memoriam. By the way, if you’ve never made a Kwik Sew pattern they have excellent instructions and graphics, and best of all the patterns are printed on bond paper with multi-colored ink for different sizes. What a luxury.

Kwik Sew 2905
Kwik Sew 2905

I don’t sew a lot clothes for my son since he grows out of them so fast, but I have made this pattern three times so far (all in cotton flannel) and he just loves them. What can I say except that they are easy to make and super cute. This pair is his favorite as they are printed with his favorite animal of the moment – sheep.

Sorry I don’t remember where I got the fabric. I do know I did an online search specifically for a sheep print that wasn’t too babyish.

I had fun with the print and put a seam in the back of the collar so I could get a black sheep on each side of the front. I also pattern matched the pocket and front edge. I think it was a good practice exercise for more complicated print matching for my own garments.


3 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 2905 – Kids’ Pajamas

  1. I have this pattern and I’m currently working on a pair for my granddaughter, but I have lost the instructions. Do you know how I could acquire them? It is so sad that Kwik is going out of business. I have been using Kwik Sew patterns for 40 years! They are the best. Well, if you can help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. ~margaret hodges


      1. I have contacted Kwik Sew about other things and have never gotten a response from them and because of that I did not contact them regarding these lost instructions. I did use another pattern that was similar for instructions and so I did get the job done. Thank you for your reply.


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