Burda Style 11/2011 #107B – Flannel Dress

I just love the idea of this tunic/dress from Burda Style. It has oversized shirt styling plus has side flaps on the back that wrap around and tie in front. Here I am clenching my fists in the balmy 17 degree weather. I had the idea that this would be a cozy hang around the house or go out on the weekends kind of dress but reality has set in. In winter I’m relegated to tights/leggings with dresses which just aren’t that relaxing. And the flannel isn’t that warm so it doesn’t come out to play as often as I would like. However I’m definitely up for another in a summer fabric. Perhaps a beach coverup?

Fabric: Cheap Cotton flannel from Joann’s. It’s a bit spongy and a bit wobbly. It took some wrestling to get it squared up for cutting.

Pattern: Burda Style 11/2011 #107B. (By the way, I think this was the best issue ever! You know, the one with the red riding hood cape?) The magazine showed this in several lengths styled different ways so it’s a keeper if I can find a way to wear it. It has a funky relaxed vibe to it.

Changes: I added darts in the lower back to give it some shape.

Construction techniques: Nothing special. I serged the seams and did a double folded hem.

Lessons learned: When sewing with fabric that has two identical sides, you STILL need to mark the right side or else you could end up with two left sleeves complete with cuffs and no extra fabric. As me how I know!


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