Burda Style 08/2013 #130 – Striped Skirt

Yes it’s more horizontal stripes!  I made this little guy in December I think.  I’ll be able to wear it year round.

Fabric: I was on the hunt for blue/camel fabric and found this lovely piece of textured woven cotton at Emma One Sock. It has two shades of blue, tan, black, and white so It will work with a variety of outfits. I think it was a roll end or something as I only bought a yard. I actually didn’t have enough fabric for the back facing which worked out fine as the fashion fabric was a bit bulky.

Pattern: I wanted to make a wrapped skirt and found 08/2013 #130 on the Burda Style site. I would never have selected this pattern based on the website photo which looks like it’s done in a wool Melton, but the line drawing was calling me. This wrap skirt has a zipper in front.
Almost forgot, I ditched all of the pockets. No need for any extra bulk on the hips.


20140321-172253.jpg(I only tucked the sweater in so you could see the snap detail at the waist.)


Fit: I took the waist in by an inch and pegged it 3″. I also shortened it by about 3″, and stitched the pleats down a bit as it was too puffy in front.


Construction: Hmmm….let’s start with the fact that I didn’t bother to get a separating zipper per Burda instructions. This would have made the construction much easier! I also lined the skirt which was not in the instructions. As an architect I’m pretty good at figuring out how stuff goes together, but between the zipper and the lining and the wrap I was stumped for a while there. Note that the slit for the wrap starts at the bottom of the zipper which was too high for me.
Also, notice how the wrap edge is at an angle? I wanted the stripes to be perpendicular to that edge but just couldn’t make it happen with my tiny yardage. This edge is not on grain and you can see where it’s sagging a bit as it pulls at the edge seam where the zipper is. I should have interfaced this part.

Lessons learned: Careful with any fabric even remotely cut on the bias. It should be interfaced if you don’t want it to sag.  The skirt has been back to the sewing room several times to fix this, but I keep sending it back to the closet without making the change.  Argh!


4 thoughts on “Burda Style 08/2013 #130 – Striped Skirt

  1. Totally love this with the stripes! You did a great job with the constructions and the finish. The pleats look much better stitched down, great outfit!


  2. I love your fabric. It’s gorgeous. I’m almost finished making this skirt and found your blog via a google search – I wanted to see “real” versions. I agree with you about the lack of interfacing on the bias, but I blame that on Burda’s poor instructions, generally, for this garment. A lot of good basic construction details were missing in the instructions, imho, but then again, they used a substantial wool twill, which doesn’t have a lot of give on the bias, for their garment. I used a heavy tight-woven ramie and lined it, too. And, like you, I squeeeeeeeezed it out of a remmant of fabric!

    But your fabric is the best. Love the details in that first photo.


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