Vogue 1212 – The almost coat

When I was auditioning patterns for my faux fur coat and looking for something with a large collar, I made a mockup of this Sandra Betzina pattern, Vogue 1212. It’s got two awesome collar designs, two sleeve options, a hidden zipper, welt pockets, and a cool little flap option at the back waist. I like the simpler option in green on the pattern envelope. Here is the mockup on Helena. It’s being worn over a work jacket that has shoulder pads.

What’s with the curving seam under the bust line? It looks like it’s designed for a baby bump! Why would they do this intentionaly? It also seemed like it wasn’t very shapely.

At the time, i said no way is this going to be my faux fur, nor did I want to cut some of my precious wool for it. I figured that if I made this pattern, it would have to have the underbust/waist curve banished, and replaced with some shapely lines. Looking at it now a few months later, the curved seam must still be changed, but it doesn’t look so bad overall. I still LOVE the collar!


So what do you think? Is it worth making? I still don’t want to use my wool on it, but perhaps some microfiber of some sort would work; like a windbreaker or raincoat.

6 thoughts on “Vogue 1212 – The almost coat

  1. While I do like the style of the coat, I think the lines would not show up with faux fur unless the top pieces were cut on a different grainline than the bottom of the coat. Also, how does the collar look on you? Is it too high? In wool, it may be itchy around your neck if you are not wearing a scarf, but microfiber or something smooth would be better against your neck. Overall, I do like the pattern. Actually, I think this pattern would work on my pear shaped body.


  2. I really like it, especially the collar. I can see it in wool or faux fur. I don’t mind the curve at the front, though now you’ve said baby bump it’s hard not to think of it that way.


  3. You might be able to leave the seam in with a lightweight fabric like a windbreaker. Or maybe just remove some of the fullness below the curved seam. That is a very nice collar and will keep your neck protected on your waterfront walks.


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