St. Lucia at Last!

Back at the end of last year we decided that this would be the year to finally go on a tropical vacation so we booked  the week of February vacation at a boutique hotel in St. Lucia.   I had been picking away at my SWAP but put it aside to plan and implement the elusive Vacation Wardrobe.  My casual clothes consist mostly of well-worn exercise gear and free oversized Tee shirts with nary a complimentary or coordinating color in the lot.

I spent days obsessing over a small wardrobe based on both new and existing pieces.  The fabric was  bought online from lesss expensive sites like and Fabric Mart.   I sketched out the wardrobe  and mixed and matched them like paper dolls.  I also used this opportunity to try some Indie patterns. 

I worked on it through my December holiday, through January, and into February sewing up to the last minute.  Our flight was cancelled due to a  snow storm but we were able to reschedule for two days later.   Then that flight was delayed due to to a storm in DC causing us to miss our connecting flight.   We rescheduled AGAIN, this time for April.  I REALLY REALLY needed to get away in February  but April will do.  I was able to make one more pair of shorts  with the extra time.

 May I present the Tropical Vacation Wardrobe ready to be packed.  From left to right:

  1. Bright blue denim jacket  made last year.  Not needed on the island but worked great for travel. (Jalie denim jacket heavily modified for shape and fit. )
  2. Orange linen pleated skirt made a year or two ago.   I eliminated this one in the end since I was limited to carry-on luggage only.
  3. Striped orange shorts made last year.  They didn’t make the cut either.
  4. NEW green/white striped dress made for the vacation under time pressure and therefore not so much fun.  I went way out of my comfort zone here and did not make a muslin.  Instead I used my bodice sloper as the basis for the draft. (Franken-pattern)
  5. Plaid linen ‘big shirt’, a Salvation Army find, for use as a beach cover up.
  6. Teal slinky dress made last winter.  Not convinced I like the feel of the slinky on my skin.
  7. NEW pale aqua loose scoop neck tee in organic cotton.
  8. Stretch cotton chinos made a couple of years ago.  Used for travel. (Burdastyle)
  9. NEW crisp white cotton tank; my first Sorbetto.
  10. NEW cotton/Lycra knit Grainline Studo Day-to-Night top in pale melon.  My first cowl neck.
  11. NEW pale aqua and melon striped bambo knit long-sleeved Jalie cardi and matching vee neck tank.
  12. Stretch cotton khaki shorts wih pleated pockets made a few years ago. (New Look)
  13. NEW shorts in a brown wool/silk blend. (BurdaStyle with a twist.)
  14. NEW casual  turquoise elastic waist mini-skirt in cotton terry; self-drafted. 
  15. NEW orange pleated shorts in some sort of athletic knit. (Sewing Workshop)
  16. Last, a refahioned Izod shirt.  I removed the puffy ’80’s sleaves, Now looks like a babydoll top. Will ditch or rework.

My favorite part of this wardrobe are the colors which are mostly tan/brown, white, orange/melon, and turquiose/aqua. This means I can mix and match almost everything.  There are three items that I didn’t get to but, hey, being able to say that I made almost all of my vacation wardrobe makes me feel pretty proud of myself.

I promise I’ll post about a few of the key pieces soon.

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