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Caramel Vee-neck Tee

Item #2 of my SWAP (Check!) is a caramel colored tee to wear under jackets to work. I know, not very exciting, but if I hadn’t put it in the SWAP it would never have been made. This type of make is super quick and I’m starting to feel more comfortable sewing with knits.

I have a favorite RTW jersey vee neck top that I love so I laid it down and traced it. The fit is great but what I really like about the RTW top is that the entire front is a double layer of fabric so there is no binding or seam finish at the front neckline. The back of the neck is bound.
Techniques: I’ve used the double layer front technique before but I didn’t have enough fabric to do it this time. Instead I created a facing that extends all the way into the shoulder seam. On the outside face I then stitched the edge of the facing down with a small zigzag stitch. In hindsight it would have looked better with a twin needle topstitch. I was trying to avoid ribbing or binding because I wanted a dressy clean finish.

Construction: In the past I have serged the seams of similar jersey fabric with woolly nylon in the loopers. I tried it with standard serger thread here and I like it better because it’s less bulky than the nylon.
Sleeves and bottom are hemmed first using 1/4″ Steam-a-Seam and then a twin needle topstitch. I haven’t had much luck with a cover stitch on such lightweight fabric.
Fabric: Rayon/Lycra jersey from Emma One Sock, lightweight with a lovely drape. She stocks it in a number of colors.
Pattern: Self-drafted
Fit: Great at bust, waist, and hips. Good length for 3/4 sleeves. Needs work at shoulders.

Lessons learned:
1. Knits aren’t so hard.
2. Zigzag finish is not so nice for a dressy tee. For the next one I want to morph the facing/double front idea into a faced yoke.
3. Always check shoulder slope! I should have lowered the right shoulder and moved it forward as usual. I didn’t notice this problem on the RTW but of course I’m not looking for it.