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Let’s start at the very beginning…

Just checking in. I made item #4 of my SWAP a few weeks ago but it’s pretty basic so not worth a photo shoot. It’s a navy vee neck tee in a super soft cotton/Lycra from Emma One Sock. This top is a further development of my tee pattern. I followed a tutorial from the ASG website to make the binding for the vee neckline which was well worth the time to watch. (They have free online tutorials for members.)

I decided to create a bodice block before moving on to item #5 of my SWAP. It’s a silk blouse but I couldn’t find what I wanted in a pattern so I decided to draft one. IF, big IF, I get the block right then it will make modifying future patterns much easier. It will also help me to draft my own pattern for the blouse.

I started Friday night by draping the bodice on my custom dress form, and then spent some time this weekend drafting and true-ing. I have no training in draping so I’m just winging it! I’ve got Helen Armstrong’s book Patternmaking for Fashion Design to keep me in line but it doesn’t include any draping so this process is going to take a little time. The photos show my second pass at the first muslin. It’s looking pretty good in the front, but the back still needs some tweaking. Once that’s all set I’ll move on to the sleeves.


Note the drag lines on the back under the arms and across the waist. I think I just need to lower the armholes a tiny bit, and maybe do a 1/2″ sway-back adjustment. There is plenty of room side to side so I know the waist is not too tight.


Any ideas for adjusting the back?