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The Closet Spreadsheet: The big S.W.A.P.

The next part of my plan was to work out a 12 piece wardrobe using Nancy Nix-Rice’s strategy of two coordinating neutrals plus an accent color. For the first neutral I chose brown because I already have a lot of brown pieces in my closet. The second neutral is camel. I like a rich warm camel and it’s been hard to find. Mostly I see tan or khaki which are not the best colors for me. I finally found some RPL at Emma One Sock in a lovely shade of camel so I bought 5 yards.

RPL in “Camel” from Emma One Sock

Next I included the list of infill pieces from my spreadsheet, then added needed tops that I have also been tracking. I have also added in a few needed casual and dressy pieces.  (Both my casual and dressy wardrobes are pathetic and require a study of their own.)

Unless noted otherwise, I plan to sew everything on the list though I am not tying myself to any timelines.  No really, this will take me two years to produce.

A. Neutral 1 -Brown – (two tops and two bottoms required.) I’ve already got the following in my wardrobe so I’m all set here: Pants, Skirt, Jacket, vee neck long sleeve top, scoop neck 3/4 sleeve top, and turtleneck.

BurdaStyle 08/2012 #137

B. Neutral 2 -Camel – (two tops and two bottoms required)  I see these pieces as being quite important as they will help move me away from all that black in my closet.

  • Pencil Skirt (in stash)
  • Pants (in stash)
  • Jacket (in stash) BurdaStyle 08/2012 #137 is currently at the top of the list.
  • Caramel knit tee (for brown jacket)  (in stash)
  • Also should buy a short-waisted cashmere camel cardi which will work well with my teal slinky dress.

C. Solid Accent tops – (top and matching jacket) Probably teal, but could be turquoise, mint green, or pale pink. How to choose just one?

  • Jacket – I think if I find the right jacket fabric, the rest will fall into place.
  • Teal knit top with high vee collar (to work w teal/taupe tweed jacket)

Also loose chunky tealish/tweedy turtleneckish sweater – to buy? Learn to knit?
Note existing slinky dress in teal doesn’t work with jacket, needs sweater.

D. Matching print top and bottom – this is the tough one.

  • I’ll need to spend some time on Polyvore thinking about what a printed bottom/skirt might be. All I can think of is a loose gathered silk skirt and blouse which is not me. I prefer more shaped garments. I’m thinking of a pencil skirt and a sleeveless shell so I need to find a fabric that will work for both.  Hello Spoonflower.
  • For a top I have a jersey print with teal, brown, and camel. (in stash)
  • Shirt with camel and brown stripes; not enough for both a top and bottom. (in stash)

E. Infill pieces for work wardrobe

  • Long winter coat (in stash)
  • Jacket for red skirt -navy refashion or make (in stash)
  • Cream pants (in stash) for mint and grey boucle jackets. Might also work with the grey jacket?
  • Charcoal Grey pants for grey jacket, ponte?
  • Cream scoop neck tee for green sweater
  • Tan tank for yellow tahari jacket (in stash)
  • Loose white woven scoop tank (in stash)
  • Navy tee rayon v neck w half sleeves (in stash)
  • Blouse w/ shawl collar for navy jacket, red?  (in stash)Pale pink? (in stash)
  • Orange Scarf for blue polka dot dress – to buy

Casual wear

  • Linen jeans jacket for chinos and summerwear,  Wheat? (in stash) Red?
  • White denim jeans a la Jackie O. (in stash)
  • Colored jeans -teal?, camel?
  • A new pair of Indigo jeans.
  • Shorts

Dressy wear

  • Warm non-black sweater/top or jacket for out to dinner -sequins? Brown, green, or turquoise velvet?

I had a few pieces of icing on the list but removed them.  They were mostly one-off dresses that would be fun but just aren’t as versatile as the skirt/top combos.  This lists above total about 26 garments.  Oy!   The most important pieces are the ones for work, and of those, the infill pieces should come first.  I’m thinking that I should push through the tees and tanks first.  They’re boring, but fast and versatile.  I was going to start on the winter coat next, but it’s too late in the season.  I typically sew “in the season”, but I should consider making the coat in the summer or fall.

I think I should also work on pieces that I already have in my stash.  I have about 36 pieces and am pleased to see that 13 of them are tied to a garment listed above.

OK, now that I’ve layed this out in public, I’m going to have to print it out and pin it up on my studio wall to use as my guide.  Wish me luck!